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Why contact Dr. Chotiner?

You are contacting Dr. Chotiner because you are a concerned parent!  You may have questions about your child’s learning or development.  You may feel that your child is struggling - academically, socially, emotionally, or developmentally.  Some questions you may have could include the following: 


- Are you concerned about your child’s education and learning needs?  

- Does your child feel unsuccessful academically in school? 

- Does your child seem to learn differently than peers?   

- Do you feel your child’s learning needs are not being met? 

- Do you have concerns that your child may have ADHD? Dyslexia? Behavior Concerns? Social or Communication difficulties? 

- Does your child need more academic challenges in school?   Is your child gifted? 


If you have questions about the way your child thinks, learns, or processes information, please contact Dr. Chotiner for a consultation. 

School districts provide free evaluations of children. Why have Dr. Chotiner complete testing?

The primary goal of testing in a public school is to determine a child’s eligibility for special education services.  The school evaluation is typically aimed at answering one question: Does your child have an educational disability?  

Dr. Chotiner is more focused on the whole child. She helps determine how your child learns best and what supports or interventions are needed to help your child reach his/her true potential. Having ten years of experience working as a School Psychologist for school districts in Pennsylvania, it is clear to Dr. Chotiner that children learn and succeed in many different ways.  Your child may or may not meet the state or federal guidelines for an educational disability; however, Dr. Chotiner's evaluations will delve much deeper than that, identifying your child’s learning strengths and needs.  She advocates to give your child the best opportunity to thrive by better understanding how your child learns best!

What specifically does Dr. Chotiner do in the testing process?
The comprehensive assessment process starts with an interview with the parents and the child. She gains a better understanding of your child’s background, strengths and areas of weaknesses.  She builds rapport with your child and then examines multiple areas.  Depending on need, areas of evaluation can include cognition, academic achievement, emotional functioning, language ability, and motor skills, among others.
What types of evaluations does Dr. Chotiner complete? 
Depending on your child’s needs, there are multiple types of evaluations that Dr. Chotiner can complete, i.e. gifted evaluations, psychoeducational evaluations, school neuropsychological evaluations, and IEEs.
What if Dr. Chotiner does not find anything wrong with my child?
The goal of testing is not to determine if your child has a disability.  The goal of Dr. Chotiner’s comprehensive assessment process is to determine the unique learning style of your child.  What are your child’s learning needs?  What are helpful recommendations to help him/her learn?  You will learn more about your child’s unique learning style and learning needs. You will receive intervention recommendations and supports to help your child learn best.
Does Dr. Chotiner advocate for children in schools?
Yes, she is always happy to advocate for children and be a support to parents.  Parents can hire her to participate in IEP or school team meetings, or to contact school personnel to discuss their child’s unique learning needs or concerns. 
Does insurance cover the testing costs?
While Dr. Chotiner is happy to supply you with a receipt for her services, she does not guarantee that insurance companies will provide reimbursement.
What if I am not sure? Where should I begin?

If you are unsure or simply concerned, it may be helpful to simply schedule a diagnostic consultation with Dr. Chotiner.  At this consultation, Dr. Chotiner can review your child’s records, gather developmental and educational information, discuss social and emotional skills, and gain a better understanding of parents' or child’s concerns.   Dr. Chotiner will discuss all pertinent information needed to better understand the concerns and address the issues which parents wish the testing process to address.   By the end of the consultation, a plan will be put in place, whether the recommendation is a school team meeting, additional tutoring or supports, therapy recommendations, or a comprehensive evaluation. 

What is the easiest way to contact Dr. Chotiner?

For any questions or to set up an appointment, please call 

Phone: (215) 704-7003


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