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Dr. Chotiner is able to consult with your family to better understand your child’s unique needs.  In an initial meeting, referral questions, previous testing, and family information help inform the nature of the planned evaluation. She is available to consult with your child’s teacher and other school personnel to help develop school supports for your child.  Her goal is to produce recommendations in the best interest of your child to ultimately help your child improve his/her academic experience.

Dr. Chotiner conducts multiple types of evaluations, including: 

- Comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations

- School neuropsychological evaluations

- Gifted testing

- ADHD evaluations

- Independent Educational Evaluations (IEE)

Children are more than a score. They are more than a number.  Your children deserve a road map to better meet their educational needs. Provide your children with the attention they deserve and 

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